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You can also find the latest version to download from my contest site
"SM3CER Contest Service" on the page "Contest Software" at URL:

There you also find a contest calendar, rules for 224 contests (at the
moment) with info about supporting software, results, raw and claimed
scores, contest activities and stories, DXCC-list, SCAG DX-News (updated
2-3 times/week), a very detailed information page about contest software
and more...

Just now I'm working on the contest link pages and soon there will also be
a chat-page. (If you know of some sites about rental contest QTH, please
e-mail me the URL).

Please have a look, bookmark the page, make a link to it from your page and
tell your contest friends about it. I think you'll find i t useable.

73 de Jan

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