[CQ-Contest] Es polarization

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Thu Jul 31 00:52:53 EDT 1997

David O. Hachadorian wrote:
> A couple evenings ago, several of us locals were ragchewing
> on 10 meters. After a while, some sporadic-E stations broke
> in. Three of these stations were using verticals, and their
> signals were definitely arriving here vertically polarized.
> The local guys using verticals could hear the Es stations
> perfectly, and there was not a whisper of their signal on
> horizontally polarized yagis. I could not hear these stations
> on my six element tribander, but they were easy copy on my
> 80 meter half sloper. The opening went on for about a
> half hour, and the Es stations were inaudible on the yagi
> throughout this period.
> I always thought that skywave signals got randomly rotated in
> polarization. Is sporadic E a special case, where the
> polarization tends to stay unrotated?

no, it does get randomly rotated... but sometimes random can 
mean it ends up the same way it started.  and with Es the skips
are frequently short and high angle so there may be an arrival
angle issue also.  the yagi may have a good null at the high
angle where the vertical has a lobe.  if you had a lower yagi
to check that might have shown that difference.  the 80m sloper
may indeed have some very high angle lobes.

> With all of the verticals on 10 meter SSB, this may be a
> good reason to install a 10m vertical for the upcoming NAQP

the only problem with having too many antennas is you can spend
more time trying to figure out which one is best than using them.

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