[CQ-Contest] Field Day is a Joke...

John Nicholson dx at netbridge.net
Mon Jun 30 22:43:51 EDT 1997

 On Monday, June 30, 1997 7:54 AM, Ken N4UK [SMTP:ramirezk at emi.com] wrote:
 > Field Day has strayed from its basic tenet of providing
 > an actual and real life emergency communications drill in
 > preparation for the real McCoy. Field Day should be limited to
 > Batteries and small generators, 100 watt power levels, small,

We at K7AM used a battery to power our TS50s...and an open
flame to BBQ our weenies...

 > portable antennas, and basic communications methods.
 > (voice,cw,packet)

A portable aluminum 40' tower was put into place and then taken back
down by 3 or 4 hams (including my xyl, N7SG)...
> The idea is to set up portable emergency
 > communications in the fastest time possible after a disaster has
 > happened. 20 dedicated and knowledgeable operators don't easily
 > assemble in fast time with all the above equipment. A good
 > percentage of the participants I have met at a field day
 > exercise don't even know how to connect up an amplifier to an
 > exciter!

We had two operators, KC7VHG and KC7TYE, who indeed had no
experience on HF. This was a great opportunity for these two 13 yr olds!
blind operator Virg KC7FIX sat down and got a chance to try Field
Day. He's a new ham. He's an Extra. And he's 89 years old and couldn't
wait to learn more!
 >         I don't think filling up large fuel tanks, buying a few
 > cases of beer, having 2 or 3 dedicated cooks, and connecting to
 > the internet is going to be possible after a major disaster.

I don't personally drink booze and apparently the other op's left their
beer kegs at home. I didn't see any around the field day site. And hey
we actually used low-tech pencils and paper....wow! 

 >         Field day strayed away from the basic premise of
 > emergency communications on a dime and became just another
 > contest long ago. This is why I and many others I know, won't
 > get in on it. Field Day need a major overhaul!

I don't necessarily agree w/ the major overhaul idea. I think it works
pretty well...and one of the few activities where everyone can contribute.
Some of the hams were on hand to provide muscle only...some just
to run q's...but we all had fun. And we all learned some new things...
hotdogs and newbies alike.

73 John K7FD

 > It has become a joke...

 >             73 Ken n4uk
 >       EM84xp South Carolina

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