M.G. Brafford brad4 at roanoke.infi.net
Sun Jun 1 14:21:49 EDT 1997

  If you are one of the people who have NOT received your CQ WPX contest
certificate for contests prior to 1996, and would like to receive your
award, please e-mail me with the details. I will need your exact callsign
used in the contest. The year, the mode, your name exactly like you want it
to appear on the certificate, and your current address. After the list has
been compiled, CQ will search for your award, and if it's in the stack of
returned mail, it will be remailed to your current address. US stations
will be mailed direct from CQ, and EU. JA stations will be bulked mailed
from CQ. 
  It will take some time to compile the list, but I'll do my best to make
sure you get your award. This so far only applies to certificates, but if
you are deserving a donated plaque, I'll post that also, but no promises
there. PLEASE list:

1- The callsign used in the WPX contest.
2- Your name used in the WPX contest.
3- The year and mode of your winning or placing effort.
4- Your CURRENT full name and ADDRESS.
5- Your current callsign if different from # 1

Please note this is ONLY for stations who are owed WPX contest certificates
prior to 1996. The 1996 certificates are being processed now.

Please send your request to   brad4 at roanoke.infi.net      

If you sent me another e-mail earlier, please resubmit with the above
information, and we'll see how it goes. Please follow the format above and
it will go faster, thanks.

73, Mick   W4YV

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