[CQ-Contest] Re: TopBand: Coax switch for 10 beverages

Claus Enoch enoch at inet.uni-c.dk
Mon Jun 2 13:40:05 EDT 1997

> From: Rob Snieder <pa3erc at muurkrant.com>
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> Subject: TopBand: Coax switch for 10 beverages
> Date: Friday, May 30, 1997 6:15 AM
> At PI4COM we now have 8 permanent beverages in different directions and
> soon we will add 2 more. We used daiwa coax switches in the past when we
> only had 3 .... it is not so hard to make a coax relais switch but the
> control box layout can be made in many different ways. What is a
> efficient way ? Push buttons with a led indication on a great circle map
> pointing to the USA when that beverage is selected? A digital switch
> with 10 numbers and a list what number is what? Switches on the front or
> top of the box, on a line or in a circle. May be you have seen the
> Microsoft ergonomic keyboard nice and round ? Anyway I like to exchange
> some experiance with stations which have a simular setup. I am not the
> technical man of the group but I will pass all information to the pesons
> who will make the switch box. I hope to get a lot of reactions.

Whoever needs some push button switches to design a unit can get free
samples from me.  I make a living manufacturing modular push button

73  rag   OZ8RO

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