[CQ-Contest] WPX scoring, short analysis

Alan Brubaker alan at es.com
Mon Jun 2 15:34:09 EDT 1997

Another thing about the WPX and most other contests, for that matter,
is that most of us do not compete on a global scale. Unless we have
a very competitive station in a very good location, most of us have no
expectation of making the world high score no matter what class we
are in. Most of us are competing against other entrants in our country
or our region (call area in the U.S.). Thank goodness I do not have to
compete against stations in the northeast unless I really think that I
can somehow outscore them (not likely) and end up with the high
score in the U.S. I do compete against other stations in Utah, or in
the 7th call area, depending on the contest. I also think that it would
be tedious if all contests were structured alike.

Alan, KO7X

alan at es.com

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