[CQ-Contest] Towers in LA County

W4EF mtope at iu.net
Tue Jun 3 04:35:51 EDT 1997

I was wondering if there are any Los Angeles area folks out there who have 
the scoop on what, if any, tower friendly areas exist in the Pasadena/San 
Fernando/Valencia region of LA County. I will be embarking on a house hunt 
in this area in the coming month, and was hoping that there is a native 
sage(s) out there who might be able to steer me in the right direction away 
from deed covenants and nasty zoning boards. My girlfriend's two dogs, my 
cat, and my meager collection of HF antennas are soon to be in need of a 
new home.

If you can help, please reply direct to mtope at iu.net.

73 de Mike, W4EF (soon to be W4EF/6)

P.S. Hope this qualifies for the contest reflector (I promise to use the 
antennas in a contest if I can find a place to put them up). 

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