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Tom Wagner tomwagner at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 3 22:38:33 EDT 1997

TS-850 Setup for Running Stations
Without Using RIT

The TS-850S is a great contest radio, except that it has a poor RIT control
system.  It has no RIT clear, and worse, the control itself is too small.
One can always run split, but if you land on an odd frequency (like
14179.37) trying to remember your transmit frequency is hard.  This is
especially true if you are tired.  

The procedure below uses the Quick Memo feature of the TS-850S to save
backup "copies" of your run frequency setup.  This way you make the MR
button serve the RIT clear function.

¨ 1. 	Choose frequency on VFO A (e.g 14179.37)

¨ 2.	Press A=B.  This will tune both VFO's to same frequency.

¨ 3.	Choose to transmit on VFO B (split).  I.e. Press TX B.  Now,
A=14179.37, B=14179.37. 

¨ 4.	If you want Fine tuning on, press it now (key 8).

¨ 5.	Press M.IN in the Quick Memo box five (5) times.  

¨ 6.	Press MR in the Quick Memo box.  You may now use the main tuning knob
to tune in off-frequency stations.

¨ 7.	After each QSO, press MR in the Quick Memo box 2 times.  This will set
the receive frequency back to the original frequency (14179.37).
Unfortunately, you cannot do this while transmitting.

¨ 8.	If you somehow mess up your A or B VFO's, you have four more "copies"
of your frequency stored in memories 2-5.  Just press MR in the Quick Memo
box, and turn the M.CH/VFO.CH knob, until you get a good one again.  To set
all MR frequencies to your run frequency, choose one of the correct "copies"
and press M>VFO and go to step 5 above.

Procedure to "Jump" to a Spotted Frequency
(While Running Using Procedure Above)


¨ 1.	Direct your computer program to set your radio frequency to the spotted

¨ 2.	Press TX-A (if necessary).

¨ 3.	Work the station -- don't take too long!

¨ 4.	Press MR in the Quick Memo box 2 times.  You are back on your run
frequency, ready to go.

¨ 5.	Say, "No, this is MY frequency.  I have been running stations here for
2 hours!"

Tom - N1MM

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