[CQ-Contest] re:cq contest certificates

MAL n7mal at ctaz.com
Wed Jun 4 22:51:46 EDT 1997

I received, in today's mail, a request to renew my subscription
to CQ magazine. I have been waiting for 3 years for a
certificate. I did not realize until I saw the recent messages
the certificate problem was so widespread. My intention is to
return the renewal form with a note saying when I receive my
certificate CQ will get a renewal check. I think if everyone took
a similar position certificates would flow like water from
Hicksville. When  CQ went through its financial troubles years
ago I, and many others, stuck with them and I guess this is our
reward. I don't get many opportunities to get contest
certificates, so when I'm due one I really want it,  seeing my
call in bold letters isn't enough.
Unfortunately the only solution appears for CQ appears to be,
double the subcription rate, double the number of advertisers
pages, cut the quality of the magazine in half, hmmm sounds like
we'll be getting 2 QST's every month.

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