[CQ-Contest] 59 reports and ANTA

Jim Stahl k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
Wed Jun 4 23:47:53 EDT 1997

Phoney 59/599/5NN/ENN signal reports bore the hell out of me 
too.  The exchange I like is grid squares: they are somewhat  
predictable (like ARRL sections in SS) and there are always
(at least on HF) more new ones out there.  They may be a bit
unfamiliar to the casual op (and stuck in the mud CQWW specialists), 
but so be it.
Grid squares give a great new opportunity for mixing cut numbers
and letters in the same exchange.  And if you keep (phoney) 
signal reports, maybe TK5NN could do an expedition to Lake
Nipigon, Ontario, where he could send:
   or if you run the characters together
   ENN R R
Jim Stahl  K8MR    
See you in the June VHF QSO Party from EN NA

Jim Stahl
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