[CQ-Contest] RS(T)

Tom Wylie wylie at colloquium.co.uk
Thu Jun 5 18:32:53 EDT 1997

I agree with Paul EI5DI that in the main RS(T) reports are meaningless.
With computer logging the norm nowadays, the RST part is preset before the
Contest - so why bother?   I do also agree with Paul that a serial number
(or some other meaningfull exchange) be exchanged.   In the ARRL and CQWW
Contests it is much easier for log tampering in that programms such as CT
allow log merging and so some contests which count multipliers, it may be
possible to run several "multiplier" stations and merge the logs without

Contests which require incremental serial numbers would present a
considerable problem to stations who may be tempted to stretch the rules......

73 de Tom GM4FDM/GM5VG/P

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