[CQ-Contest] Where are the W95 versions??

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 5 23:06:02 EDT 1997


I see very few logging programs, propagation programs, and antenna modelling
programs written for Windows 95.

The news from COMDEX Spring is that Microsoft will have NO support for DOS
programs in Windows 97 and that DOS 7 behind Windows 95 is the last..  Why?
because eventually W95/7 and Windows NT will become one as Windows NT Lite
or V1 will replace W95/7 and the step up will be to Full NT.  NT does not
use DOS (more of a UNIX with a better user shell).

So far I see DX4WIN and NEC4WIN (still NEC 2) and I understand Dennis at
Logic is hard at work at a W95 version..and lets see.... I think the program
from Cincy that competes with Logic and DxBase may be windows...So far no
propagation programs.

If you don't believe Microsoft will do this try to take a Windows Excel
program or Word for Windows 2 and use a document in Office 97 versions!

I see this in my consulting business every day too..So many applications are
in DOS and all new PC's are sold with W95...

Hey,  software vendors you better get with it or we will have to keep old
PC's just to do ham radio contesting!

Dave K4JRB
President, Resource Solutions....Software Location, Agency Representation
(Kiosks and Be Spoke software), Solutions/Hobby Directories, and Software
Industry negotiation/Due Dilligence Research. 

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