[CQ-Contest] DOS vs Windows(95 and NT)

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 7 00:00:36 EDT 1997


I am only relaying what I heard from Microsoft at Comdex.  They do not want
to support DOS (or W 3.1) any longer.  Running UNIX or LINUX etc is fine but
most PC's we hams buy will follow the MS line just as the big companies do.
IBM, NCR, Data General, GE, GM, CA et al are lined up with them in
alliances, too

Thanks to W5XD and others for pointing out software that does run in W3.1 or
95.  Guys we gotta start looking at this type of software....Look at the
nifty tools available from MS and others to develop code for not only the
internet, but for the PC, EPOS terminal, or Kiosk.  These tools deliver
industrial strength solutions in both the internet and non-internet
environment.  There was a discussion on using the internet in contesting
recently.  With these tools software can run our equipment, do the logging,
and keep track of the multi mults running in and out of the internet as
required for each function.  hey its here NOW!!!!  Now lets see that

Dave K4JRB


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