[CQ-Contest] OS's & logging

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH ka8okh at som-uky.campus.mci.net
Sat Jun 7 16:24:36 EDT 1997

>Dave K4JRB wrote:
>> I see very few logging programs, propagation programs, and antenna modelling
>> programs written for Windows 95.
>> The news from COMDEX Spring is that Microsoft will have NO support for DOS
>> programs in Windows 97 and that DOS 7 behind Windows 95 is the last..  Why?
>> because eventually W95/7 and Windows NT will become one as Windows NT Lite
>> or V1 will replace W95/7 and the step up will be to Full NT.  NT does not
>> use DOS (more of a UNIX with a better user shell).

What advancements could Windows (95/97/nt...etc) bring to contest logging
software?  Would it be worth the trouble?  Would networking be easier/more
reliable?  This might be a good topic for discussion.

I use DOS 5 on all my machines, with Win3.11.  I never did buy
the 95 upgrade,  and to quote a favorite band of mine, "I'm breathing
so I guess I'm still alive".  My work gets done.

I too like the "open-ness" of Linux... I it also, and yes, it's a
real operating system.  More power than I know what to do with.
CT, NA, TR... any hopes of seeing a Linux port of your software?

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