[CQ-Contest] Re: Where are the W95 versions??

Gerry Hull windev at inetmarket.com
Sun Jun 8 16:29:13 EDT 1997

Dave K4JRB wrote:
> I see very few logging programs, propagation programs, and antenna modelling
> programs written for Windows 95.
> The news from COMDEX Spring is that Microsoft will have NO support for DOS
> programs in Windows 97 and that DOS 7 behind Windows 95 is the last..  Why?
> because eventually W95/7 and Windows NT will become one as Windows NT Lite
> or V1 will replace W95/7 and the step up will be to Full NT.  NT does not
> use DOS (more of a UNIX with a better user shell).
> So far I see DX4WIN and NEC4WIN (still NEC 2) and I understand Dennis at
> Logic is hard at work at a W95 version..and lets see.... I think the program
> from Cincy that competes with Logic and DxBase may be windows...So far no
> propagation programs.

I'm in the procesa of building a Win3.1/Win95/WinNT contest application
which will be backward compatible with CT.  The Win3.1 version (16-bit)
will be a subset of the 32-bit version.)  I've mentioned my work on the
CT-user list and have received a ton of encouragement.  I hope to 
incoropate the best features from all the current crop and add a bunch

I'd like to hear from the contest community in general on their "wish
list"  I won't be able to please everybody, but I hope to use a lot of 
your ideas.

I've set up a mail alias where you can send your ideas:

	contest_app_wishlist at inetmarket.com

(please note the underscores)

In addition, I'll have a webpage up in the future to track your wishes
and let you get hold of betas.


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