[CQ-Contest] WPX Question

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at interpath.com
Mon Jun 9 21:28:08 EDT 1997

This has come up with me doing the scores and I think it needs to be clarified.

I noticed in the May 1977 issue that N4ZR was listed in Single Op HP and the
TS class. Is this a misprint or can you be in two classes. I have a ham saying
that the three new classes are additional to your regular class. I have no 
idea if he is right or not but feel it is something interesting to discuss.

I have never seen a contest where you can be in two so is this something new
or just a misprint? With people assigning themselves new prefixes and now if 
this is true, next year should be a heck of a contest. 

The main reason I am asking this myself is saving myself time doing scores and
trying to answer this question to 100 people myself. Remember I will put you 
in any class you want but do like to stay as close to the rules as I can.

73 Jim
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