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Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jun 11 16:00:42 EDT 1997

Jimmy R. Floyd <floydjr at interpath.com> wrote:
> I noticed in the May 1977 issue that N4ZR was listed in
> Single Op HP and the TS class. Is this a misprint or can
> you be in two classes. I have a ham saying that the
> three new classes are additional to your regular class.
> I have no idea if he is right or not but feel it is something
> interesting to discuss.

Hello Jim,
The amendment to the WPX rules introducing the three new
categories is published in the following Web page:


The way I read it is that the operator chooses which
category he wishes to enter.  If it is one of the new
categories (Rookie, TS, or Band restricted) then he must
operate within or up to the legal power limit of his/her license.
For this reason, LP and HP do not apply to the new categories.

Perhaps Bob K3EST can elaborate if necessary.

Martin ZL1ANJ

An extract reads:-
-------------------------------------------starts here

Rules for new categories:
I. All three categories shall obey all WPX rules as they appear in
CQ magazine. The deadline and mailing address is the same as
indicated by the WPX rules.

II. All three categories shall be single operator (no assistance),
all band and up to the legal power limit of your license. Choose
only one of the categories indicated, that is, no combinations are
permitted. The entrants remain eligible for certificates and
plaques generally awarded in the single operator all band class. 

     A. Rookie category. An entrant in this category shall have 
been licensed as a radio amateur three (3) years or less.  

     B. Tribander (any type) with a single feedline from the
transmitter to the antenna and single element (TS) category. During
the contest, an entrant shall use only one (1) tribander for
10,15,20 meters and single element antennas on 40,80 and 160.

     C. Band Restricted (BR) category. An eligible entrant must
hold a license restricting operation to less than the six (6)
contest bands (160,80,40,20,15,10) on both modes. Examples of such
licenses are: novice, technician, 4 class license etc. Since
frequency privilges differ from country to country, competition is
within one's own country. 
III. The entrant is REQUIRED to indicate plainly on the standard
summary sheet the category chosen: Rookie, TS or BR and supply the
following information: 
  Rookie: Date you were licenced. 
  TS:     Detailed description of the antennas 
  BR:     List of the bands available to the operator. 

Thanks to N8BJQ, OH2MM, N6KT, W3ZZ, K1AR, WX9E, WE9V, N4OGW,
G0JFX and K3EST for advice.

The rules, as seen in this announcement for the new
categories, will appear in the FEB issue of CQ Contest magazine,
the CQ-contest internet forum, the WPX write-up for the 1995
contests appearing in CQ magazine, and on CQ Contest magazine's WWW
page at URL:                    
Any comments should be directed to K3EST at netcom.com

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