[CQ-Contest] Logs to the ARRL

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at interpath.com
Fri Jun 13 00:27:48 EDT 1997

It is my opinion which I am never scared to give, Hi Hi. that scores are not 
the important thing to most people as far as their logs are concerned. Just the
fact that you have them Bill. I am not degrading scores as being important but
a high score that does not get there does not mean a thing. 

It might be nice to have a section for each contest entittled logs received. It
could be update like once a week and a person could just look to see if thier
log had got there. No need to send the ARRL three or four emails asking if you
got it. If your call is not on there they do not have it. They can resend. If 
after two or three tries then they can email the ARRL about it. This would only
require you checking the call and typing it in a list or scanning it into a 
list off another list. You could just add snail mail logs as they come in also.
Even give them a * or something to tell if it was snail mail or email.

As far as actually looking at the log, seeing scores and seeing if the operator
did something wrong you could deal with that one on one however you wish.

The bottom line is that the contester would know his log was there, right or 
wrong. I do believe this is the main concern or at least it is with me. Just a
suggestion to some. On all the major contests I send both a paper log and an
email log just to be sure. 

Just my thoughts for what it is worth.

73 Jim

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