[CQ-Contest] DX Contest Claimed Scores

Frank Donovan donovanf at sgate.com
Fri Jun 13 07:54:47 EDT 1997

Hi Billy -

You folks in the Contest Branch are doing a terrific job!  

Listing claimed scores on the ARRL Web page is a significant step forward,
providing another avenue for increased enjoyment of the operating side of
our hobby.  The ARRL has always been an outstanding administrator of
contests, setting a high standard for all contest sponsors.  I applaud
the initiative you are taking to make contesting more attractive to a
wider group of amateurs, and to improve ARRL services to all contest

On a broader scale, the league's steady improvements to it's web page is
significantly improving services to members in general and I look forward
to continued ARRL innovation in the use of information technology to
improve services and promote amateur radio in general.  

The world is moving into the Information Age at a blazing pace, some
pundits liken the next 15 years of the Information Age to the 100 years of
the Industrial Age (in which amateur radio grew up).  The revolution in 
information technology (the world's largest industry) offers much
opportunity for amateur radio if we are bold, imaginative and innovative;
but also significant risk for the future of our hobby if we fail to make a
future for ourselves and amateurs to come.

donovanf at sgate.com

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