[CQ-Contest] IC735 mods info, pse

Jun Tanaka jh4rhf at ppp.bekkoame.or.jp
Mon Jun 16 00:20:50 EDT 1997

Dear Contesters

If you have modified IC735, please let me know your idea.

I am trying to insert 455KHz CW crystal filter in my IC735.
I have an extra FL52 (Icom 455KHz CW filter), which I picked from
my old IC740.  I tried to replace the ceramic filter with FL52,
but insert loss seems to be much large and singnals almost
disappeared.  I guess impedance of FL52 is much different from
ceramic filter. 

If you have success to insert 455 cristal filter into IC735, please
let me know how you did it.  E-mail me direct, pse.


de Jun

Jun Tanaka JH4RHF / KH2S
e-mail: jh4rhf at ppp.bekkoame.or.jp

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