[CQ-Contest] Icom RX problems

Chris W Tran chris.tran at zetnet.co.uk
Thu Jun 19 07:58:43 EDT 1997

Thursday 19th May 1997

Icom IC738 RX problems

Hello all - I'm new to the reflector so don't know if this
has been discussed before.
I am not happy with the RX in my Icom IC738 - it seems to
have 2 problems - 'blocking' with strong signals (even with
attenuator ON) and IF filter 'blow-by' (the stock IF filter
is too wide anyway!) Maybe my radio is faulty but I don't 
think so - it just doesn't stand comparison with,for example,
a TS850. (On 14MHz using HyGain 205 @ 80')
I wrote to Icom in Japan who were not very helpful.
Before I ditch the IC738 - any advice please ?
I heard that there may be a mod.kit to replace the B.P.F.
diodes (D30-D37 1SS312) - would this help ?
Thanks - please send replies to <chris.tran at zetnet.co.uk>

Chris Tran GM3WOJ <chris.tran at zetnet.co.uk>

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