[CQ-Contest] Favorite Telephone KSU?

Fred Hopengarten k1vr at juno.com
Tue Jun 24 11:38:23 EDT 1997

With my wife's medical practice and my law work, plus the children, I've
outgrown the ability of multiple line phones to easily handle the
telephone demands around the house.  I am about to buy a telephone key
switch unit (KSU) -- sort of a PBX for a  small business-- for my home.

When I operate M/S, in CQWW, we have two transmitters on the air at the
same time.  So I REALLY need to think about keeping contest RF out of the
The  real advantage to a KSU is that you can use any 2500 series analog
telephone as an extension (instead of fancy electronic multiple line
phones), so those phones ought to be easier to RFI proof.

Anybody got any ideas?  I'm considering Norstar (from Northern Telecom),
Nitsuko or Samsung brand KSU's at the moment. I would also appreciate
your thoughts if your can NOT disclaim financial interest.

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