[CQ-Contest] RE: AA Contest-Check Logs

Kimo C. Chun kimo at lava.net
Tue Jun 24 18:02:35 EDT 1997

Hi Art (and the gang, hereon):

Thought I read the rules. So what is a multi-multi supposed to do?!?
And more so, how do you report it?  At worst...every QSO on every band
with a different age? One age per band even if the ops changed (many times)?
Use the age of the op whose call you're using on all bands/QSOs?

Sorry, I am confused unless I follow the literal meaning which I don't
want to follow. Care to type out, after the contest, each exchange for each
QSO that a MM generates! Perhaps I have missed something but I could sure
use some clarity.

We took our best guesstimate and ran with it. Who knows what will happen.
We did have fun,though.

Aloha (to JARL,too),

Kimo Chun

KH7U at contesting.com

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