[CQ-Contest] Signing

George T. Daughters gdaught6 at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jun 25 04:13:33 EDT 1997

hi bill,

you wrote

> I don't wait.  If he doesn't sign his callsign in what I believe is a
> reasonable amount of time... he gets my call dumped at him.

i don't understand this.  he *wants* your call, so he can log you.  
then he wants the next guy's call, etc.

or do you mean he'll end up getting so many dupe calls, he'll begin 
to see the light?

speaking of dupes, it's amazing to me how many people think they 
are 100% error free, and that absolutely everyone else is 100% 
totally incompetent.  last wpx/ssb i worked a station (no it wasn't a 
zero pointer!) on 15, then changed bands to 20.  about 2 qso's later 
(at most, about 2 or 3 minutes had gone by since the last qso. i make 
mistakes too... but that was still pretty strong in what's left of my 
short term memory)  i called him on 20 and he told me "you're a 
dupe!"  i told him "check your computer! what band are you showing?
our last q was on 15!" he told me "you're a dupe!" 

i said (to myself) "and you're a *DOPE*!" and went on my way.  the next 
day he called me on 20; i recognized the call, but i bit my tongue, 
although i was *VERY* tempted to tell him ... you know what!

73, k6gt


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