JATKO:[CQ-Contest] X5 Prefix

Brlecic, Zoran zbrlecic at torhosp.toronto.on.ca
Wed Jun 25 12:34:00 EDT 1997

>X5's are pirates, because it is an unlegal prefix (like 1B).
>But for contest purposes, I have edited my CQWW.CTY file: X5 as YU.
>Does anyone know if X5s have Yugoslavian license ??

The question is meaningless, because X5 stations are physically located   
in the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina. No license from anybody in the   
world, except from the authorized body within the Republic of   
Bosnia-Herzegovina, is going to make them become legally licensed and   
count for anything. Same goes for 4O and 9A11 stations: they're all   
operating in a limbo - living de facto in a separate state, but de iure   
in T9. If only ham-radio licenses was their biggest problem...

73 ..... Zoran VA3GW  

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