[CQ-Contest] Recommended RFI filters?

kiddi at marel.is kiddi at marel.is
Wed Jun 25 16:16:27 EDT 1997

From: Kristinn Andersen at MAREL HF on 25.06.97 15:16


Does anyone have suggestions for good vendors/manufacturers
of good quality ready-made RFI filters for ham radio [CONSTESTORS]?

I am primarily interested in:

1.  High pass filters to put at TV and radio terminals or antennas
     - possibly outdoors,
2.  Telephone filters, and
3.  Low pass filters to put after TX.

I see some LPF types advertised in the magazines, but the others
appear to be more scarce.  Of course there are some toroid kits
and components around but for TV HPF, for example, but I don?t
have the time or resources to mess much with making my own with
proper metal enclosures, etc.

I will summarize to the list if there appears to be interest.

73 - Kristinn, TF3KX (kiddi at marel.is)

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