[CQ-Contest] Re: QDC- What's ur damn call?

J.P. Kleinhaus w2xx at cloud9.net
Wed Jun 25 11:37:57 EDT 1997

> This farce is made worse by the SO/Assisted section, where
> the operator jumps to DX spots on the PCluster.  

Is that so?!?!????  What about the Multi/Single, Multi/Two (ARRL)
or Multi/Multi stations? They don't use packet to land in a pile-up
and call incessantly without knowing who the station is?  I beg to
differ with you Martin.

As a matter of fact, they will often call longer than any
station because they have nothing better to do on that band, if they're
not running stations.  The single/assisted station should either work
the guy quickly, or leave to go back to running or to work an easier
cathc on the second (third?) radio.
> This causes severe handicaps for SO/Unassisted (no packet) operators

I would like you to illustrate how you determined what percentage
of what entry-class operators are in the example pile-up.

73, J.P. W2XX
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