[CQ-Contest] VK9L for IOTA contest

Jun Tanaka jh4rhf at ppp.bekkoame.or.jp
Fri Jun 27 21:38:41 EDT 1997

Dear DXers and contesters

Jun JH4RHF, Kumiko (YL) JR4DUW and Hiro JR4PMX are 
planning to trip to Lord Howe (VK9L) for their summer 
vacation at IOTA contest week end.  The operation will be  
July 24-29 or so.

Callsign they hope to be assigned are; VK9RH, VK9YL and VK9MX,
respectively.  (not licensed yet)  Please note these callsigns are 
for VK9L, if you happen to hear. 

80m to 10m, SSB/ CW. 
160m and RTTY if many requests

QSL via JH4RHF , for VK9RH and -YL (or operation by these two)
       via JR4PMX  for VK9MX (or op by JR4PMX) 


de Jun

Jun Tanaka JH4RHF / KH2S
e-mail: jh4rhf at ppp.bekkoame.or.jp

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