[CQ-Contest] last reminder: II MARCONI MEMORIAL CONTEST

Sante IK0HBN ik0hbn at isa.it
Sat Jun 28 10:37:10 EDT 1997

Hello guys,
tune up your amplifier: contest will start at 14 UTC.
Below the rules.
73 es cul in test

                            The II MARCONI MEMORIAL CONTEST HF 1997
           1) Aim:  The  MARCONI  MEMORIAL  CONTEST  HF commemorates  the
              II Century of RADIO and its  father: GUGLIELMO MARCONI. It's a
              world-wide competition: everybody can work everybody, only CW.
           2) Date and time: Every IV full week-end of June from 1400 Utc
              Saturday  till  1400  Utc  Sunday.  In  1997  it  will be  on
              28-29 June.
           3) Classes: 1)Single Operator     2)Multi Operator.
              Subclasses of class 1: L)Low power (max 100W out) Q)Qrp (max 5
              watts out). The  operators  L  and  Q  in  the class 1 will be 
              marked and awarded.
           4) Bands and mode: Only CW, 10m thru 160m  (except Warc bands)
              are  allowed  according  to  IARU  Band Plans. The band can be
              changed  only  after  10  minutes  you have been on it. The 10 
              minutes' count starts from the first QSO made on that band.
           5) Exchange: The station  send  RST + a serial number from 001.
           6) Qso/Points:  Each  QSO,  verifiable  by  crossed checking,
              count 1 Point.
           7) Multipliers: All CQWW countries count 1 multiplier.The same
              multiplier can be counted once for band.
           8) Final Score: The sum of Qso/Points from all bands multiplied
              by the sum of multipliers from all bands.
           9) Logs  and  summary  sheet:  standard  logs are necessary. A 
              summary sheet  is required showing all the QSO details on each  
              band, class of entry, power, name, callsign,  full address of 
              the  applicant,   callsign  of  the  operators  and  a signed 
              declaration. Computerized logs on  diskette  are welcome only 
              in ASCII format. You can apply for the  free software to  the 
              Contest Manager:  send a  formatted  1.44 Mb diskette with SAE 
              and two IRCs for return postage. Logs must be mailed within 30 
              days from  the end of the contest and addressed to: 
              ARI sez.di Fano POBox 35  61032 FANO (PS) Italy.
              Please enclose your station  description and your comments. A
              picture will be much appreciated.
           10) Penalties and disqualification:  Penalties and disqualifi-
               cation  will be applied for violation  of the  contest rules.
               Each decision of the Contest Committee will be final.
           11) Award:  A  plaque  with certificate will be awarded to the
               No.1  top  scoring  station  in  each  class  and subclass. A
               certificate will be awarded to No.2,3,4,5  top scoring in each
               class  as  well  as to the No.1 top scoring  stations in each
               country in each class and subclass.
               The  Committee  will  send  to  the No.1 top scoring of single
               operator  (if it is not a member) the   "MARCONISTA" award of
               the MARCONI CLUB of LOANO.

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