[CQ-Contest] Blame CT, Blame yourself, but don't blame AA (or other contest sponsor)!

Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM
Thu Jun 26 23:26:42 EDT 1997

Ken Silverman at AIRTOUCH
06/26/97 10:26 PM

TRICK QUESTION:  How many of (insert your call) logs don't meet the
requirements of the contest sponsor?

ANSWER:  For any contest where you logged with CT, and there is a constant
exchange, probably about 99% of you!

Example:  CQ WW Rules state:

2. " All sent and received exchanges are to be logged"

Now go and check your log.  No where is your sent exchange (specifically
your zone) logged!   We are all lucky that
we haven't been disqualified by the CQ WW committee.   If you happen to
live in a country with multiple zones (USA, VE etc)
we are even luckier - how does the contest committee know which zone you
operated in - surely not by your mailing address?

I also looked at some other logs where a constant exchange is sent, and CT
doesn't log the exchange.  The only
time CT prints the correct exchange is when a serial number is sent.  TR
looks like it does a good job.

While I do not support how the AA handled this matter, by the letter of the
law, they were in their rights.  Frankly, I would not like
to be in AA shoes right now, as the political fall out of how they handled
this cannot be fun.

There are 2 ways out of this problem:  Bug the writers/distributors of CT
to fix it, or take it upon yourself to put something like
 "All reports sent are 599 Zone 3 unless otherwise noted" on the cover

Now back to our regularly scheduled X5 discussion...

Kenny K2KW

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