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Sun Jun 29 19:39:51 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-06-29 15:35:06 EDT, k1my at nlis.net (Bruce Makas) writes:

> I'm puting up 2 Rohn 45 rotating 130 ft towers and want to stack

    Cool installation; good luck.

>  any advice on spacing? Is a 3 stack of mono banders better than a 2 stack?
>  Is it worth the extra $$?

     Time to invest the time and money in some antenna modeling software. You
need to take a look at arrival angles, stack patterns, stack boom lengths,
interaction and a myriad of related topics. I'm sure that other TowerTalkians
can comment on which ones will work (YO, ELNEC, etc.). You might want to
start with a terrain analysis program and go from there.
>  Is Cushcraft the best mono bander bang for the buck?
    Has anyone ever said that? Not that I'm aware of. After spending
thousands of dollars on your rotating towers, spend the money for what you
feel are the best antennas for your situation. Where do you fit in the recent
front-to-back ratio thread? How important is it? How important are other
antenna design parameters (bandwidth, gain, pattern, etc.)?

    Start doing your homework and you'll wind up with an antenna system that
will REALLY work for you. 

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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