[CQ-Contest] Field Day 160M Q's

Chris E Penick k4pc at juno.com
Mon Jun 30 16:29:03 EDT 1997

Field Day this year for our club was a blast!! Had a great time with our
club & hosted a BBQ dinner that really went great! I am curious to see
how well some you did on 160M this year...condx were terrible on 160M
(25 over S9 QRN!) here in NC which I know 160M this time of the year is a
waste, but I just wanted to see how many Q's that u guys logged. We only
had 10 SSB....& only hrd 2-3 CW signals. Using an inv-V at 100ft. &
thought abt trying a quick Beverage, but thought it would be a waste of
time. But would like to hear from some of u that might of made a somewhat
respectable effort on 160M. Tks!!

73, Chris K4PC
Watauga ARC Contest Chairman
Boone, NC
Field Day Calls:  K4CX & KF4AFY

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