[CQ-Contest] 6 Meters in HF Contests

Phillip Conza phil at zl2tze.mlb.planet.gen.nz
Sat May 3 20:19:18 EDT 1997

Hi All,
       Contesting 6 meters would be nice yes I would be a starter in fact I 
would break my neck ( a second time ) to be able to even use 6 meters here in 
NZL without the whole TV community jumping up and down ..

Guys here in NZL ( most parts ) 6 meters has been lost to Television NZ 
we have been battling it for years but the Corporate Dollar has beaten us 
every time.

Yes we still have a 6 meter band and it is " permitted use only ".. You apply 
for a Permit on top of your licence  if approved you are away , if you cause 
any TVI then look for a buyer for a piece of under used 6 meter gear ..

I suggest if you can get support from your Organisation to Contest on 6 
meters GO for it !!  why lose another band to the Corporate dollar..

This 6 meter band is as close as a Grade 3 Licence holder in NZ can get to 
the HF Band ..( Grade 3  UHF/VHF etc bands only )..

Good Luck I am sure operators in NZ would support you if they could all 
operate without TVI ...

73 Phillip ZL2TZE

Phillip Conza
AX25                  ZL2TZE @ ZL2TZE.#73.NZL.OC
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