[CQ-Contest] Re: ARRL CAC input needed

n4si at pobox.com n4si at pobox.com
Sat May 3 19:46:03 EDT 1997

> 10 meter contest, 

Then it wouldn't be a 10 meter contest, would it?

> ARRL DX Contest, etc.

That might be just the least bit unfair for participants in those 
countries that don't have 6 meter priveleges.

> Your CAC representative would like to know how you feel about
> adding 6 meters to ARRL HF Contests

Frankly, this smacks of a VHF mentality that seems to be sneaking in 
to so much amateur radio stuff today. HF is different from VHF. Stop 
trying to marry them. Not only that some hams have the capability for 
one and not the other. Why try to alienate everyone?

Although 6 meters certainly has some characteristics that
ocassionally mirror some HF bands, it is a VHF band. The corrolary
would be to consider adding 10 meters to the VHF QSO Parties. I
don't think the VHF contest crowd would care for that.

Finally, some contests in particular, like the 10 meter contest, have 
a definite personality that is unique to it. Adding a band would make 
it a completely different contest, and there wasn't a need for it.

Why do so many people think that if we're not changing something then 
we must be stagnating?

I have to classify this as a "not well thought out" proposal.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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