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Randy Thompson k5zd at ultranet.com
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My original request:

> From: Randy Thompson <k5zd at ultranet.com>
> To: 'Contest Reflector' <CQ-Contest at contesting.com>
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Logging Software
> Date: Sunday, March 23, 1997 9:17 AM
> Dayton is coming and need to finalize my shopping list.
> Is there a logging software package out there that has the following:
> - 32-bit app that runs in Windows 95, NT
> - Uses ODBC compliant database to store info
> - Can import from CT, NA, WJ2O
> - Integrated packet terminal
> - Radio control (not required, but would be nice)
> - Usual awards tracking, reporting (DXCC, 5BWAZ, 5BWAS, etc.)
> Any recommendations?
Responses received:

Take a look at LOGic 4. It is a foxpro based system. You
can write your own reports in addition to the many supplied
with the package. It has everything you asked for plus add-on
rotor control, CD callbook interface, The radio control piece
changes log entries for band and mode as you change bands.
Also has a add-on qsl manager list and very good awards
tracking. It also allows the user to make changes to its tables
such as country, prefix etc. So you don't have to wait for upgrades
or download fixes. Look at http://www.mindspring,com/~pda for

GL,  Ben W2PS

Randy, as far as I'm concerned, the best logging software is LOGic by 
Personal Database Applications. Dennis, WN4AZY, has done a marvelous 
job in integrating just about every feature needed to man in his 
package. Moreover, he is extremely responsive to both queries about 
the package, and enhancements and fixes.

I know he is working on 32 bit which is supposed to be ready soon. I 
don't know about ODBC compliancy, because I don't know what that is, 
but, I recommend getting in touch with him.

He has a web page at:


Please take a look.

73, Rod N4SI

Are you familiar with DX4WIN? We have a web page at 

It is a 16 bit application, but you would not be able to tell from
its performance. We do not use ODBC because it is way too slow.

It runs under NT except that the CW keyboard can only be used via the
serial port; we do not support the parallel port under NT. 

You can download a demo from the home page and if you want to
try a large log, we have the complete WRTC log there too, 113,000

73 Paul KK4HD

PS We will be in Dayton, booth 316

You'll still have to wait another year for 32-bit from me.

73,  Dave, WJ2O

You will want to take a look at DxBase. I have been using it for a number
of years and it does everything the dxer needs. I don't what the ODBC
compliant datebase is so I cannot comment there. The current version is dos
based but the next version will be out (maybe at Dayton) will be Windows 95 
	They have a web page that may give you more information. Try this url:

John N8RF

I've been using DX4WIN for about a month now and don't know how I did
without it before.

>- 32-bit app that runs in Windows 95, NT
I think it's a 16-bit app, but runs fine under Win95.

>- Uses ODBC compliant database to store info
Not sure what type of database format is used.  You'd have to ask the author.

>- Can import from CT, NA, WJ2O
Yes, has about 15 - 20 different import filters.

>- Integrated packet terminal
Yes.  Also has a nice spot window which color codes packet spots according
to whether each spot is a new country, new band/mode, etc.

>- Radio control (not required, but would be nice)

>- Usual awards tracking, reporting (DXCC, 5BWAZ, 5BWAS, etc.)

The DX4WIN home page is http://www.erols.com/pvander/.  You can get a
working demo from there.

  73 de Doug, N6RT

I use DX4WIN for Windows.  It as all the above and it's great.  You can
track WAS, DXCC, WAZ, Counties, IOTA, WPX award and lot's more.

You can d/l the demo on the internet.  If you can't find the page let me know.
Search for DX4win and you should find it.

Maxime Caron VA2MRX

I have had very good results with LogWindows 3.0
Was from AEA, but I understand that WA1W is now on his own with it.
has both radio and packet interface
and imports VERY well. 
Runs well in Windows 95 environment. None of that DOS stuff !!

It will export records, either in ASCII or dBase and you can chose
fields etc, acording to the book, haven't tried it.
I use the QSL manager functions and label printing from within the
program, seems fine to me.
I wouldn't really regard it as AEA software, but rather a product they
were smart enough to market. 
WA1W aka Hamhead Software, has a home page - 
perhaps there are answers there, or you can email him and ask.
he's in Marlborough so easy enough to get answers.
Ric KV1W

I want to recommend a terrific product to you but I don't have answers to all of your questions.

The program I'm referring to is Logic.  It's a great program that I've been
using for a number of years.  At present I have over 26,000 Q's logged in it
and haven't lost one.  It does all of my award tracking and since I'm a
contester it ends up importing all of my contest logs. (logic has a contest
mode which gives you the ability to set it up to log virtually any contest
directly but in my opinion it sucks, the only thing Logic doesn't do well)
 It isn't a 32 bit program yet (but it's being worked on).  It does rig and
rotor control and also ties in neatly to packet clusters.  I don't know what
ODBC is but it is written in FoxPro.

Check out it's web site, you can download a demo version of the program.


Some years ago I wrote my own logging program (dos) because I couldn't find
any that would do the job.  A few years later I did a search and either got
demo copies or bootlegged copies of any logging program I could find and
tried them out.  Logic won.  Since that time Logic's capability has been
expanded ten fold.  It's great.  They also provide better user support than
any other product I have ever used in my entire life. 

And, before you ask, I have no tie with them.  It's just a great product.

73 & good dxing
Bill, WA9TPQ


Thanks for all the responses.  

Randy, K5ZD

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