[CQ-Contest] Announcing-New 6 meter DX Contest!

Tyler Stewart k3mm at erols.com
Mon May 5 01:07:13 EDT 1997

Ken, why dont you just take over the CQ VHF contest???  Please???
Then move it so that it doesnt conflict with IARU radiosport contest,
change the rules to make it more interesting, and I'll volunteer to help
check logs.  If you or anyone else is interested in this, contact me. 
The CQ VHF contest needs a SERIOUS DOCTOR!

I think it's a shame that CQ magazine, which sponsors THE biggest and
best DX and RTTY contests, has this pitiful VHF contest that no one
seems to care about.  There are a lot of reasons for this, but for
anything to change, we need to start with good leadership and
administration, with a healthy dose of creativity and common sense.

I'd even consider co-directing the thing with the right person.  

OK, I've stuck my neck out far enough...

Next week my flaming topic will be:  Why does CQ charge $50 to sponsor
a  $15 dollar plaque I cant even read?  ARRL puts out these beautiful,
custom silk-screened awards that would look proud on any wall.  Why not

OK, I'm really done now...

73, Tyler K3MM

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