[CQ-Contest] Re: 2 radios

Lau, Zack, W1VT zlau at arrl.org
Tue May 6 14:16:00 EDT 1997

KB8N writes:
><< If you want to tune two radios simultaneously on CW
> (advanced search and pounce technique for small stations), it
> helps to have one radio set for USB and the other for LSB.
> --Zack Lau W1VT >>
>I've been there and done that, and it seems more confusing to me than
>helpful.  I used a single VFO to control two Ten-Tec transceivers on 40M and
>20M simultaneously and was always wondering which way to turn the knob for
>the desired signal.
I think the difference is that I'm tuning both knobs simultaneously,
while you
are using one knob to control two radios.  With a bit of practice, I
know that the
radio on the right tunes one way and the radio on the left tunes the
other way.
The USB/LSB adds a futher correlation, so I can more quickly identify
radio has the signal I want in addition to the left/right headphones. 
  --Zack W1VT

>I'm now using a pair of Omni VIs, which use the same conversion scheme on all
>bands...much less confusing.  I think using two identical radios is he best
>way to go for two radio contesting.
>Paul, KB8N

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