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K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Sun May 4 13:04:01 EDT 1997

A lot of people still don't get it...for at least the quarter century that 
have watched...

The ARRL is a membership organization which includes amongst its services 
sponsorship of some operating activities, i.e. contests.  The ARRL is the
organization representing amateurs in the United States.  ARRL membership 
that coincidentally publishes a magazine that comes once a month.

You do not subscribe to ARRL, you are a member of the ARRL.  As a member of
ARRL you can voice your feelings on topics and elect officials who 
you to air the serious ones...fortunately for us there currently are 
contesters on the BOD.

There are exceptions, but most of you out there who receive QST every month
are NOT subscribers, you are members of the League.  As members you can let
your representatives know how you feel on isues like the current one the 
(an all volunteer body - a truly thankless job when it comes to getting 

If you are going to gas on the reflector about this idiotic (now we know my
view) idea of inclusion of the six meter band in HF contests, make sure you
put as much energy into writing your CAC rep and telling him!  Venting on 
reflector is "fun", sure....but how about being a little more productive by
summarizing your views and copying your message to your CAC rep.


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