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I just purchased a Hygain 155CA with the intention of stacking it with 
a homebrew 5-el 15m (35 foot boom) that is already up.
·	Anyone have any suggestions on strengthening the 155CA?
·	Any improved designs out there?

What issues should I be concerned with when stacking two dissimilar 
I have been using Terrain Analysis software by K6STI and N6BV to try 
to determine the optimum stacking heights.  My location has nothing in 
common with the flat ground normally used for showing antenna 
It is my gut belief that the terrain analysis has some value.  The 
things I see with my 20m stack seem to bear out what the computer 
model says (this is highly subjective!).  Anyone else have an opinion 
on this?
The heights I am thinking about are 65' over 42'.  This is partly due 
to physical constraints and what the TA software suggests.  This is 
much closer than I would have expected.  Any thoughts?
I am tired of getting pounded on 15m during the second and third hours 
of the EU openings (no comments from you out west).
Randy, K5ZD

Randy Thompson
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