[CQ-Contest] 6m DX Contest now has Logging support!

Ken N4UK ramirezk at emi.com
Tue May 6 19:55:13 EDT 1997

               Why bother with CQ? Don't they have enough to
worry about with the other contests they sponsor?  Take the
horse by the reins.... We can ALL make the "Internet 6M DX
Contest"  the best 6m contest there ever was. All it will take
is massive participation and support from everyone! Support
includes passing the word and posting the rules to your
newsletters,etc. I'm busy E-mailing everyone I know on 6 meters
and recently printed up hundreds of copies of the rules for
           The contest has been given a massive boost thanks to
N6TR. He just added support for the "Internet 6M DX Contest" to
his well known TR Log(tm) contest logging software. The newest
version/revision will be available at Dayton.. Thanks Tree!
       I agree with you Paul that 3 ARRL VHF Contests with
similar rules are more than enough. Variety is the spice of life
and here is where I think the CQ VHF contest falls flat. It's
basically a clone of the ARRL contest with a few minor changes.
I'm looking forward to July! Hell, I may even make a trip to HI7
or 6Y5 just for the occasion! 73 Ken

On Tue, 6 May 1997, AA4ZZ at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 97-05-05 09:22:18 EDT, tgstewart at pepco.com
><< I think it's a shame that CQ magazine, which sponsors THE biggest and
> best DX and RTTY contests, has this pitiful VHF contest that no one
> seems to care about.   >>
>   The reason is that both us in North America and the Europeans have enough
>general terrestrial vhf contests that are better known and better
>established.And the "World Wide" nature of a terrestial vhf contest is
>nonsense,for 144mhz and up.
>   What is needed is a "World Wide Six Meter Contest " with the great growth
>in six meter activity and privledges around the world.Between CQ and CQ VHF
>they could do a great job of promoting this if they put  their minds to
>it.The current summer schedule of CQ WWVHFis good for Es our best DX mode now
>.A spring or fall date is needed once the sunspots pick up.
>   Maybe stong activity in the ***Internet Six Meter DX Contest** and lots of 
>submitted to CQ for six meters,even those with limited operating time, will
>convince CQ to make a change in the future.
>73 Paul AA4ZZ
>Submissions: wsvhf at qsl.net
>Subscription/removal: wsvhf-request at qsl.net
 73 Ken N4UK
1.8-1296 MHZ
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Grid Pirates VHF Group
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