[CQ-Contest] Re: 2 radios

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Tue May 6 19:01:02 EDT 1997

> I think the difference is that I'm tuning both knobs simultaneously,
> while you are using one knob to control two radios.  With a bit of
> practice, I know that the radio on the right tunes one way and the
> radio on the left tunes the other way.  The USB/LSB adds a futher
> correlation, so I can more quickly identify which radio has the
> signal I want in addition to the left/right headphones.

I understand why some folks would view this sort of symmetry -- having
one radio tune clockwise and having the other tune anti-clockwise --
as being useful, but I disagree.  I think this is rather akin to
having a hot water tap and a cold water tap in your shower that turn
in opposite directions.  When you sit back and think about it, it's
kinda cute and makes sense.  But when you are really sleepy and have 
soap in your eyes and only feel like using one hand to turn off the
water, then you end up scaling yourself.

In other words, I am not willing to concede the point that I will
always tune the left hand radio with my left hand and the right hand
radio with my right hand over a 48 hour contest weekend.  I feel this
is a requirement for the "mirror image VFO" scheme to work (for me).

--Trey, N5KO

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