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Scott Millick smillick at cillnet.com
Wed May 7 15:29:40 EDT 1997

Well I asked for it and you gave it to me. I was amazed at the
for the places to eat in Dayton. Almost all were serious and I have
tabulated them for your information in Dayton. I hope you find it

Name of Restaurant       Number of Votes   Comments

Spaghetti Warehouse              6          Italian - Downtown
Anticoles                        3          Italian
Buckhorn                         3          C & W Motif Steaks
Jays                             3          Seafood - Oregon District
Barnsider                        2          Steaks - Main St.
Shucking Shack                   2          Seafood - Main St.
Pine Club                        2          Steaks
Grub Steak                       2          Steaks - Near Downtown
Stockyard Inn                    1          Steaks
Marions Pizza                    1          Multiple locations
Old Hickory                      1          Steaks
Lamochies (?)                    1          Hungarian Food
El Gregos                        1          Greek Food
Keng Wha                         1          Chinese Food
Mexico Lindo                     1          Mexican Food
Rubys - Englewood                1          A nice restaurant
Domincs                          1      
Bravo                            1
Rockwood Pottery                 1
J Alexander                      1
Paragon                          1
Max & Erma's                     1           Mixed menu - Fancy

I hope u enjoy this as I have found it very informative. Here are some
our favorites.

Saturday night - Marriott by Edward Moses Dr. Prime Rib Buffet with good
salad bar and great prime rib as u want it cooked by Martha even Cajun
reservationa a good idea  I'll be there at 8

Shucking Shack  ate there last several years  very good but getting

Bullwinkles in Miamisburg.  specials every night and u cook ur steak and

Through the years we have tried many more that have closed or we went to
other places or they were chains.

I will be in spaces 113-4 if further food discussions are required
on cheese and crackers and waiting that night to eat.

Thanks Scott K9SM

K9SM  Scott Millick
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Hillsboro, Il  62049

217 532-3837
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