[CQ-Contest] Need a favor

Tony Rogozinski trogo at primenet.com
Sun May 11 15:05:11 EDT 1997

Sorry for the bandwidth but wonder if anyone reading this lives in or
near Rockville, Md. and is coming to Dayton.  If so, would it be 
possible for you to carry a very small parcel to me which I would 
pick up at your convienence. I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza
and also have a space in the fleamarket.

73 and thanks

Tony N7BG

                           Tony Rogozinski N7BG
                          One of the "Voo-Dudes"
                           VooDoo Contest Group
                 I Collect TELEGRAPH KEYS - Especially "Bugs"    
          Call Me At 1-800-966-6264 if you have any to sell or trade
                  I usually have some duplicates for sale

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