[CQ-Contest] Remote Audio via RealAudio?

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon May 12 11:37:41 EDT 1997

On Sunday, May 11, 1997 14:38 PM, Wayne Day[SMTP:wday at cq.net] wrote:
>On Sat, 10 May 1997 18:29:01 +0200
>CT1BOH - Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes <ct1boh at mail.telepac.pt> mused...
>>With internet available from everywhere soon we will be able to check into
>>a web site and listen real audio to a DXpedition frequency,
>>a contest operation etc.
>>Who will be the first to put his contest real audio on a web site?
>>Will it be the end of radio?

Check out: 


It's slow as molasses, but interesting....I only ever was able to 
find myself one time as I called CQ on 20m and tried to 'tune' myself


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