[CQ-Contest] Reflector vs. Dayton

Rich L. Boyd rlboyd at CapAccess.org
Tue May 13 21:17:34 EDT 1997

Found K5ZD's comments and K7LXC's comeback interesting, comparing the 
reflector(s) to the hallways at Dayton.  Read excerpts out loud to my 
wife, since she's going to Dayton with me for the first time.

Here's an additional thought:  When you're in the hallways at Dayton or 
in the FRC/NCC suite in the Crowne Plaza you're not listening to every 
conversation.  You drift over to someone you know, or would like to get 
to know, someone you have a question or comment for...and when the 
conversation peters out you drift over to some other conversation, you 
select which conversations you invest your time in.  You miss 99% of the 
conversations.  Many of them you're happy you missed...some you would 
have enjoyed being part of if you could be in more than one place at once 
and/or knew who was talking about what topics that were of interest to you.

On the reflectors you get 100% of the conversations, if you choose to 
read them, except for the one-to-one comments.  It's not surprising many 
won't be of great interest.  But, you can do a quick scan and say "Not 
interested in that," and delete it and move on, just like if you walk 
down the hall and hear some guys talking about which is best, an A3 or a 
TH3, you might not join in that conversation either.  But if it's K3LR 
giving particulars on that new 80M fullsize yagi, my ears will tune in.

73 - Rich Boyd, KE3Q

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