[CQ-Contest] Guest op @ KB8N/5 for WPX CW???

PaulKB8N at aol.com PaulKB8N at aol.com
Sat May 17 12:51:16 EDT 1997


Anyone interested in guest operating at the low power station of KB8N in San
Antonio, TX?  I've got a lot of weeked commitments and wouldn't be able to
work the whole contest.

Here's what I've got and how I rate it:

Radios:  Pair of Omni Sixes both with 500 Hz filters front and back
Computers/Software:  586-133 with TR software, interfaced to radios, simple
A/B switching (Excellent)
Antennas:  In a convenant-restricted neighborhood, so low wires are all I
have.  I rate them poor to satisfactory.  Puny signal on 160M.
Accessories:  Have the coveted 301 remote tuning knob that can be switched to
either radio.  Automated bandswitching, tuners automatically track bandswitch
selection, SWR 1:1 on all bands.  Choice of two antennas per radio on all but
80 and 160M.  Strictly low power unassisted.

My last serious WPX outing was with older radios and no computer control, but
still made top ten U. S. Low Power.  Made low power top ten in the last
Sprint I entered. 
I'd like to find a decent operator who could put the new radios through the

Amenities:  The station is in my office and it is large enough for a rollaway
cot.  There is a small refrigerator, and the bathroom is closeby.  If anyone
is interested, contact me by E-Mail.  This is no superstation by any means,
but in the hands of a decent operator, it can be competitive.

73  Paul, KB8N  

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