[CQ-Contest] AG6K - High speed switching mod for amps

Steve Kelly skelly at hevanet.com
Thu May 22 13:20:05 EDT 1997

Fellow contesters,

I would like to know if any active contesters have made the high speed
switching mods to their amps as outlined by Rich Measures, AG6K.

1.	What brand/model amp did you modify?

2.	How has the circuit held up under heavy contest use?  Any failures
during a contest?

3.	Anyone come up with a reliable PIN diode switching system that could
	be built into an amp?

I have a Henry 3K Classic (floor type) that has a Jennings RJ2B (vacuum
output relay) and Guardian DPDT input relay.  My goal would be to silence
the relay clicking with the mod as well as allow quiet QSK type operation
for non-contest activity.  As a user of TR Log, I presently set it up with
the PTT control to keep the amp keyed during the transmit cycle.  Now if I
could only find a way to reduce the noise from the blower...

Thanks for your input.


Steve  K7EM

Steve Kelly
skelly at hevanet.com

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