[CQ-Contest] HZ1AB Looking for Lost Hams!

Dave Earnest k7jj at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 23 14:50:01 EDT 1997

The following hams have not shown up in callbooks and other databases.
If you have any knowledge of these folks, please let us know. Most of
these people were in Arabia in the 80s or 90s. We are trying to solidify
our club's history. Thanks for your help. 

K3AFO, John   
VK3BYR, Greg (1980s)  
G4FTC, Dave (1980s)  
G4JVL, Gavin
G4KDG, Ken   
K4DNA, Mac   
DJ7RU, Max   
G8KHP, Gordon   
WD8DPL, Nancy
WD8KIN, Jim   
W9HOJ, Don (1950)
W9JMR, Pete (1954)
73, Dave K7JJ
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Morgan Hill, CA
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