[CQ-Contest] Electronic Vanity Submissions

N7EX-Dave n7ex at athenet.net
Fri May 23 13:00:26 EDT 1997

Sorry for the bandwidth but I'm not sure where else to ask

I attempted to submitt a new Vanity Callsign Application "electronically"
last night, after I sent the form the next screeen that came up was totally
blank which was a bit disconcerting.

1) How can I tell if the application was received?
2) Do I send payment to the Mellon bank address now? Do I need to include a
paper 610-V with the check so they know what its for?
3) I had expected that by now the FCC would have resolved the pay by credit
card electronically issues by now but I guess not?

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sonn to be the ham formerly known as N7EX (i guesss thats EX-N7EX)

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