John Brosnahan broz at csn.net
Sun May 25 06:01:02 EDT 1997

CT9.27 just crashed and can't find a way to fix it

The error is "A page fault has occured due to insufficient memory"
"error code =0006g"  plus a bunch of other stuff.

This occurs whenever I try to restart CT with this WPX log.

If I run this copy of CT with an old log everything is fine.
If I run a different copy of CT in a different directory with this
WPX log I get the same crash.

Therefore it appears that there is a corrupted header in this log's
*.bin file.  I have 65Megs of memory that all checks OK and this
CT will run just fine with other, much larger logs.

Any ideas at this moment to fix this--during our JA run of all things.
George is paper logging now.

Thanks for any help.

John  W0UN

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